All workpieces are custom designed and produced


High-pressure foaming

Workpieces from 100g to 12kg can be manufactured on a total of four plants.

Low-pressure foaming

Lightweight parts from 60 g up to 2 kg can be manufactured in three plants.

Processing of non-foaming systems

Non-foaming systems can be processed in all plants

Back foaming of films

During the thermoforming process, the films produced are placed in a tool form and reinforced with foam. This creates a more durable surface for painting.

Tool size

The maximum size of a workpiece can be up to 1800mm x 1800mm.


The PU parts can be subjected to further mechanical processing at our plant: e.g. subsequent placement of holes, cut-outs or threaded bushings.


Holes and undercuts can be milled on a CNC machine, and other complex operations performed.

Assembly services

We can assemble your housing parts prior to shipping.

Painting and screen printing

We can also apply colouring with textured paint

EMC coatings

To produce electromagnetic compatibility (shielding) we apply electrically conductive coating.