We specialise in the production of housings, formed parts and Polyurethane components


We only process polyurethane foams. This enables cost-effective small and medium series production. Mass production is better achieved using injection moulding technology. The following figure provides an overview of the PU foams available.

PU rigid foam

is used for insulation and as a filler foam.

  • Use: Insulating parts
  • Suppliers: BASF, Plixxent

Polyurethane rigid integral foam

a foam with a sandwich structure, which is used especially for housing and linings.

  • Application: housing, formed parts, linings
  • Suppliers: BASF, Plixxent

Polyurethane semi-rigid integral foam

an elastic plastic material, which is very suitable for gripping elements and upholstery.

  • Application: Handles and upholstery
  • Suppliers: BASF, Plixxent